Image: Ready to lay! - Xavier Hoenner

Ready to lay! - Xavier Hoenner

This photo was taken while I was participating in a marine turtle research program in North East Island, a sacred site for the Warnindilyakwa people of Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory. I saw this colourful female dragonfly at the edge of the mangrove, enjoying a nice morning breeze. Although I like to think she remained there for me to photograph her, I suspect all she wanted was just a bit of privacy to lay her eggs in nearby still waters.

Xavier Hoenner
© Xavier Hoenner

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Nature Is Life - 6.10 PM, 29 October 2011
From what can be seen in the photo at this angle, the appendages at the end of the abdomen indicate this is a MALE Common Glider, Tramea loewii. Can Aust. Museum confirm please? Plus, if the reference to "eggs" is about the black lumps under the thorax, they are probably mites, not eggs. Can Aust. Museum comment please?

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