Image: Purplespotted Bigeye, Priacanthus tayenus

Purplespotted Bigeye, Priacanthus tayenus

Schooling presettlement Purplespotted Bigeye at a depth of 35 m, off Coral Bay, (23° 1′ S; 113° 44′ E), Ningaloo Marine Park. Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, March 2012.

Julia Santana-Garcon
© Julia Santana-Garcon


Video footage was captured with a baited remote underwater stereo-video system. It shows two groups of fish (8 and 9 individuals) that aggregated into a single school. A single individual of a different species (most likely a carangid) is swimming with the bigeyes.


Santana-Garcon, J., Leis, J.M., Newman, S.J. & E.S. Harvey, 2013. Presettlement schooling behaviour of a priacanthid, the Purplespotted Bigeye Priacanthus tayenus (Priacanthidae: Teleostei). Environ Biol Fish. DOI 10.1007/s10641-013-0150-6.Presettlement schooling behaviour of a priacanthid, the Purplespotted Bigeye Priacanthus tayenus (Priacanthidae: Teleostei). 

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