Image: Pura Bale Batur Temple - Kamasan, Bali F03

Pura Bale Batur Temple - Kamasan, Bali F03

The ider-ider painting hanging around the southern pavilion - puri delodan.

Anthony Forge
© Australian Museum


The first part of the epic Mahabharata is known as the Adiparwa and contains stories about the origins of the world and the great kings of the mythological past. Stories from the Adiparwa play an important role in the temple because they show the relationships between priests and kings. Adiparwa stories also have a practical links to the rituals performed in the temple. This ider-ider is hanging around the southern pavilion (puri delodan) and tells the story of the mystical bird Garuda. Here Garuda can be seen with the elephant and the tortoise after his father Kasyapa has told the hungry Garuda that if he eats the elephant and tortoise from a lake he will be strong enough to obtain the water of immortality - amerta - from the gods.

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