Image: Pura Bale Batur Temple - Kamasan, Bali 05

Pura Bale Batur Temple - Kamasan, Bali 05

These Subali and Sugriwa masks are amongst the most precious consecrated objects stored at Pura Bale Batur.

Siobhan Campbell
© Siobhan Campbell


The Subali and Sugriwa consecrated masks stored at Pura Bale Batur are receptacles for the gods and goddesses that descend during the temple anniversary (odalan). The masks refer to the names of the two monkey brothers from the Ramayana. Subali, the elder of the pair, was the rightful king but he stole the wife of his brother Sugriwa. He also expelled his brother from the kingdom. In exile Sugriwa promised to help Rama find Sita if he shot at Subali from hiding while the two brothers were fighting.

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