Image: Pura Bale Batur Temple - Kamasan, Bali 03

Pura Bale Batur Temple - Kamasan, Bali 03

The ider-ider painting with a story of Garuda on his quest for the water of immortality amerta.

Siobhan Campbell
© Siobhan Campbell


By 2010 a new ider-ider painting had replaced the one photographed by Anthony Forge but the same narrative of Garuda is still used. The thousand serpents (naga) were born to Kadru, the sister of Garuda’s mother Winata. Winata and Kadru made a bet which Kadru won so Winata became a slave to her sister; in order to release his mother from bondage Garuda had to obtain the water of immortality (amerta) from the gods to give to Kadru and her serpent sons.

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