Image: Professor Merlin Crossley, Trustee

Professor Merlin Crossley, Trustee

Professor Merlin Crossley

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Merlin has been Dean of Science at the University of New South Wales since early 2010. A molecular biologist by training, he has studied at the Universities of Melbourne and Oxford (holding a Rhodes Scholarship) and has carried out research on gene regulation and genetic disease at Oxford, Harvard, Sydney and UNSW.

His work has been recognised by several awards including the Australian Academy of Science's Gottschalk Medal, the Royal Society of NSW's Edgeworth David Medal, the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology's Roche Medal, and the Lorne Genome Conference's Julian Wells Medal.

He is a committed undergraduate and post-graduate teacher and has received a Vice-Chancellor's Award for Higher Research Degree Supervision. He has made contributions to administration, including serving as the Acting Dean of Science throughout 2004, then as the Director of Research in the University's College of Sciences and Technology, and from 2006 to 2008 as the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research at the University of Sydney.

Merlin holds a BSc Hons (Melbourne), D.Phil. (Oxon). He was appointed to the Trust in January 2012.

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