Image: Polluting the Catchment

Polluting the Catchment

Students polluting the Catchment model with food colouring to highlight the importance of catchment management at Enviro 2013.

Karen Player
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The catchment model is a key part of the Museum in a Box Catchments: Water for Living. This program is an exciting resource for students and focuses on science and geography. The Catchment: Water for Living box was developed in partnership Sydney Water and includes specimens and scientific equipment to assist student in monitoring their local environment.

The majority of humans live near some form of freshwater environment. These biologically rich freshwater ecosystems play a vital role in human life as sources of water, food and recreation. The content provides information on the importance of water, catchment management and global water issues.

Students can explore their local environment to understand how we impact it and the action we can take to improve our catchments.

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