Image: Pigeye Shark, Carcharhinus amboinensis

Pigeye Shark, Carcharhinus amboinensis

A 2.5 m long Pigeye Shark at a depth of 25 m, 'The Cod Hole', northern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, November 2006.

Jason Coombs
© Jason Coombs


Thank you to Clinton Duffy for identifying this fish.  Clinton said "At 2.5 m, it is way too big to be a grey reef shark. Based on the heavy build, size, shape and anterior origin of the first dorsal, large second dorsal, and dark lower caudal, this is either a pigeye shark (C. amboinensis) or a bull shark. Based on the images in Economically Important Sharks & Rays of Indonesia I favour C. amboinensis over bull due to the closeness of the second dorsal fin origin to the anal fin origin, but this could be an artefact of the orientation of the shark to the camera.".

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