Image: Phil Mercurio

Phil Mercurio

Phil Mercurio surrounded by duckweed just before descending on a cave dive in the Orange Grove Cave System, Peacock Springs State Park Florida, USA.

Phil Mercurio
© Phil Mercurio


Phil said "I was originally certified in 1987 in the kelp forests of Catalina Island off the California coast. Since then I have enjoyed technical, wreck, and cave diving but have really become quite obsessed with underwater photography. There are some really amazing creatures that can be found and I really love being able to share the beauty, diversity, and the amazing colour that many people have no idea is right offshore. I really believe that divers, underwater  photographers, and scientists are in a unique position to be able to educate and excite people about what lives under the waves. Conservation needs many people who care and will help fight to protect these unique and fragile places."

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stevereynolds600 - 3.11 PM, 26 November 2011
Great picture! How's Queensland?

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