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Peter Worsley

Peter Worsley is at present Professor Emeritus in the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Sydney and was Professor of Indonesian and Malayan Studies at the same university. Prior to his appointment in Sydney in 1972 he worked at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and is currently Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University.

He has taught and researched in the areas of Balinese historiography, Balinese literary and art history, ancient Javanese literary and art history and supervised the research of PhD students working in these and related fields. He has held a number of grants from Australian Research Council. Currently he is researching the history of Balinese painting funded on an Australian Research Council Link Grant.

He has published book chapters and journal articles, is the author of Babad Buleleng: A Balinese Dynastic genealogy, wrote Unlocking Australia’s Language Potential. Profiles of 9 Key Languages in Australia. Volume 5 Indonesian/Malay for the National Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia and has just co-authored the manuscript of a book Mpu Monaguøa Sumanasåntaka. Death by a Sumanasa Flower: An Old Javanese epic poem, its Indian source and Balinese Illustrations.

Peter Worsley
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