Image: Pelican Flounder swimming

Pelican Flounder swimming

A larval pelican flounder (approx. 6 cm long) photographed at night at a depth of about 6 m, off Kona, Hawaii, October 2007.

Matthew D'Avella
© Australian Museum


The bottom depth at the site was approximately 1600 m to 2300 m. The white spot towards the right of the image is one of the eyes. An elongate dorsal fin ray projects forward from the head to the right of the image.

Dr A. Fukui (School of Marine Science and Technology, Tokai University, Japan) identified the fish as a species of Chascanopsetta, one of the Pelican Flounders. It is one of the two species know from Hawaii, either C. crumeralis or C. prorigera.

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