Image: Patricia Kailola

Patricia Kailola

Patricia Kailola in the Australian Museum fish collection, April 2006.

Mark McGrouther
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Australian Museum Research Associate Patricia Kailola is a fisheries consultant who works mostly in the tropical Indo-Pacific.

She is the author of several books on tropical fishes and specialises in the marine and freshwater catfish family Ariidae, the fork-tailed catfishes.

Tricia visited the Australian Museum to examine specimens of fork-tailed catfishes stored in the research collection.

Catfishes are an important food fish in Asia, India, South America and Africa. On this visit, Patricia examined specimens from India and East Africa to help in her contribution to a forthcoming book on Western Indian Ocean fishes. She also took some time to confirm the identifications of the Australian Museum holdings of this fish family.

Fork-tailed catfishes are fascinating fishes. Males brood the large eggs and larvae in their mouths until they become fully developed fish.

Tricia visited the Australian Museum from 4 to 13 April 2006.

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