Image: Pascal Geraghty and shark vertebra

Pascal Geraghty and shark vertebra

Pascal Geraghty examining annual growth rings in a Dusky Whaler vertebra at Macquarie University.

Pascal Geraghty
© Pascal Geraghty


Pascal is conducting ageing analyses on Dusky Whalers (Carcharhinus obscurus), as well as Spinner Sharks (C. brevipinna), Common Blacktip Shark (C. limbatus) and Sandbar Sharks (C. plumbeus), as part of his PhD research. His project is entitled "Developing biology-based fishery management strategies for a multi-species Carcharhinid shark fishery in eastern Australian waters". He is addressing the age and growth, reproductive biology, commercial catch patterns, and the genetic population structure of these four commercially targeted shark species in local waters, with the ultimate aim being to develop robust management strategies that will protect these shark stocks from over-fishing.

I&I NSW and Macquarie University are acknowledged for their support.

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