Image: Otodus obliquus tooth

Otodus obliquus tooth

The anterior (front) side of an Otodus obliquus tooth found by Callan Thrupp on the beach at Noosa Heads, north shore of Noosa, between Noosa and Fraser Island, Queensland. The tooth was brought to search & discover for identification in February 2012.

Mark McGrouther
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O. Obliquus is an extinct mackerel shark (family Lamnidae) that is believed to have grown to about 9 m in length. The species lived during Paleocene–Eocene times, about 60 to 37.5 million years ago. O. obliquus likely preyed upon marine mammals, large bony fish, and other sharks.

Thank you to Dr Mikael Siversson, Paleontology Curator, Western Australian Museum, for identifying the tooth.

Further information on Odontus obliquus.

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