Image: New Guinea Greater Long-eared Bat

New Guinea Greater Long-eared Bat

This insectivorous bat, Nyctophilus shirleyae, is known from only five specimens from the rainforests of Mt Missim, north-eastern Papua New Guinea and its biology remains unknown.

Harry Parnaby
© Harry Parnaby


The largest Long-eared Bat from Papua New Guinea (weighing 13 grams), Nyctophilus shirleyae was discovered in 1978 and thought to be the same species as the Australian Greater Long-eared Bat Nyctophilus timoriensis. It was discovered to be a distinctive new species following detailed comparisons of skull morphology by Australian Museum Research Associate Dr Harry Parnaby, who named the bat with large ears after his mother, Mrs Shirley Parnaby, who never did listen, but who generously supported the research.

  • Parnaby, H. 2009. A taxonomic review of Australian Greater Long-eared Bats previously known as Nyctophilus timoriensis (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) and some associated taxa. Australian Zoologist 35: 39-81.

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