Image: Nail-tailed Kangaroo, Onychogalea lunata

Nail-tailed Kangaroo, Onychogalea lunata

Gould's names: Onychogalea lunata, Lunated Nail-tailed Kangaroo
Current names: Onychogalea lunata, Crescent Nailtail Wallaby

James King
© Australian Museum Research Library
H.C. Richter for John Gould
© Australian Museum Research Library


Last sighting 1956

'The Crescent Nailtail Wallaby was once quite common in a variety of habitats throughout much of central, southern and south-western Australia, but was unable to withstand the changes wrought by European settlement.'

Ronald Strahan (ed), The Mammals of Australia, 1995

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jeboz - 7.08 PM, 04 August 2011
I read that you have a skin of this wallaby in the museum. Is that so? (I am doing a project on this wallaby for uni). It's very pretty in Richter's illustration.

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