Image: Museum in a box - Minibeasts

Museum in a box - Minibeasts

Contents of Minibeast box includes real insects and spiders embedded in resin, a large model ant, insect finger puppets, handmade silk butterfly wings, a specially created wooden ladybug puzzle, posters and books.

James King
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Karen Player - 4.07 PM, 21 July 2011

For young students the minibeast box is a good option. If the class is stage 2 or 3 you could use the insects or frog boxes. The freshwater box also looks at life cycles.  If you are interested in mammals the echidna, platypus, possum and bats boxes all include information on lifecycles. Contact me on 02 9320 6197 if you want more information. Thanks Karen

mwaibel - 12.07 PM, 19 July 2011
we are doing lifecycles. which would be the best box to use?

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