Image: Museum in a box - Cultural History

Museum in a box - Cultural History

Contents of the Cultural History contains a replica of an archaeological peel of a midden, message stick DVD's, posters, a map, and information panels. It will help students understand that Australia has a history that spans thousands of years and to recognise that the view of history depends on who is telling it.

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Karen Player - 11.02 AM, 04 February 2010

The Indigenous boxes were refurnbished in 2009 and are available now. Sorry about the confusion and thanks - I will update that page today.

Gai01 - 1.01 PM, 15 January 2010
On one page it says this box is being updated and will be available in term 3. Is that term 3 2010 or is it now available because you meant term 3 2009?

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