Image: Murray Cod eggs

Murray Cod eggs

Murray Cod eggs in a nest at a depth of 4 m, Blowering Dam, near Tumut, New South Wales, 12 November 2011.

Sascha Schulz
© Sascha Schulz

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Mark McGrouther - 8.12 AM, 19 December 2011

Hi Simon,  When you do, please send us a copy!  I'd be very interested to read it.  No pressure of course :) M

Goodoo - 10.12 AM, 14 December 2011
Thanks Marks. I've been meaning to write a scientific paper about this issue for years (Murray cod reproduction in impoundments). I must get on with it! Cheers, Simon
Mark McGrouther - 9.12 AM, 08 December 2011

Hi Goodoo,  I really appreciate your knowledgeable comment.  It has certainly provided food for thought about Murray Cod reproduction in dams.

Goodoo - 10.11 AM, 23 November 2011
Unfortuantely most the eggs in this particular shot appear to be dead (white, opaque insteady of yellowish, translucent). More concerningly, there seems to be a fair bit of Saprolegnia parasitica infection of the eggs (the greyish hazy stuff). Perhaps in the absence of river currents Murray cod struggle to keep Saprolegnia infection of their eggs matts at bay. (Saprolegnia is a notorious and intractable infector of Murray cod eggs in hatcheries.)

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