Image: Mummy Case

Mummy Case

Excavated in 1900 and acquired by the Australian Museum in 1912. Donated by Sir R Lucas Lucas-Tooth. E019466.

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Interestingly, the scenes painted on this coffin refer to the deceased as a woman (x-rays revealed it to be a man). The hieroglyphs on the coffin show the deceased making various offerings to the gods of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, including Osiris and Isis. Other symbols important to this religious system are also represented. During the Saite Period, mass mummification was becoming the norm. However, previously, it was restricted primarily to the upper levels of Egyptian society. It may be that when the time came to place the mummy into the coffin for burial, one of a suitable size was not available, and therefore he was placed in a coffin originally designed for a woman. Alternatively, the mummy may have been removed from his original coffin at a later date.

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Glad you like it! Remember, our current special exhibition, Egyptian Treasures: art of the pharaohs is still on until 6 December 2009 - don't miss it!

deli101 - 6.11 PM, 18 November 2009
i love this info and pic i am very interested in ancient egypt :)

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