Image: Mulgrave Goby

Mulgrave Goby

The Mulgrave Goby is known only from the Russell, Mulgrave and Mossman rivers and creeks near Cairns in north-eastern Queensland from above tidal influence to altitudes of a few hundred metres in slow to fast flowing streams.

Doug Hoese
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It is a small fish only reaching a size of 7.5 cm and is easily mistaken for a juvenile of other larger species. The species belongs to a group of freshwater tank gobies, some of which reach a size of over 50 cm. The Mulgrave Goby was described in 2009, although it was first discovered by Doug Hoese and Gerald Allen of the Western Australian Museum in 1979 from the Mulgrave River in north Queensland.The group is confined to the Indo-Pacific region extending from Africa to Australia and north to Japan and China.

Hoese & Allen, 2009

The full reference is: Hoese, D. F. & G. R. Allen. 2009. Description of three new species of Glossogobius from Australia and New Guinea. Zootaxa No. 1981: 1-14.

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