Image: Mixed Bangles

Mixed Bangles

'Mixed Bangles' by Iva Skoko. This design was the primary school winner in the Australian Museums Design Like An Egyptian - Jewellery Design Competition.

© Iva Skoko


Designers Description
The different patterns on my bangles represent the different emotions you feel as you go through life. The jagged lines indicate anger and uneasiness, whereas the swirls and curvy lines represent fun and enjoyment. The stripes symbolize mixed emotions and the triangles represent Egyptian pyramids which played a huge part in Egypt’s past.

The colours I have chosen are vivid as I love chromatic settings and ornaments and have a positive and imaginative approach of life. I tried to match colours that effectively work well together and predominately used colours from the wonderful rainbow.

I made these bangles for myself as they represent my creative side and my appreciation of bright colours. My mum would also wear this piece of jewellery as she also enjoys wearing elaborate and colourful jewellery.
Gold is a colour that represents the sun and many gods’ skins – gold is used for the collar of the necklace. The vulture goddess Nekhbet is the centre of the amulet, and the carnelian is used near the wings representing the colour of blood. At the back there is a heavy precious jeweled collar. The necklace is lightweight for my Queens comfort – weighing about 8 debens.

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