Image: Mesozoic extinction event - the survivors

Mesozoic extinction event - the survivors

The end of the line? This graphic shows the fate of some major animal groups at the end of the Mesozoic. Although many major groups survived, some species and families within these groups suffered severe or complete losses.

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List of surviving groups (from top to bottom of graphic):

  • insects
  • molluscs
  • mammals
  • turtles
  • lizards and snakes
  • crocodiles
  • fish
  • birds (theropod dinosaurs)

List of groups that did not survive:

  • mosasaurs
  • icthyosaurs
  • plesiosaurs
  • pterosaurs
  • theropods (other than birds)
  • sauropods
  • ornithopods
  • stegosaurs
  • ankylosaurs
  • ceratopsians

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