Image: Men around Eureka, Kaimare village, Gulf Province, PNG

Men around Eureka, Kaimare village, Gulf Province, PNG

Men gathered around the Eureka at Kaimare village, Gulf Province, PNG. Probably October 1922. V4818

The Kaimare men eagerly traded food and arrows for sticks of tobacco. Here they were probably trading food, as one man carries a bunch of bananas and there are no arrows in sight. On the right, McCulloch bends down to get a trade item to pay for a purchase.

Stick tobacco was a major trade item in Papua. Hurley took 200g of tobacco on his second expedition to buy food and artefacts, and to pay people who posed for his cameras.

Frank Hurley
© Courtesy of the Australian Museum
Kaimare village, Gulf Province, PNG


From the Frank Hurley Photograph Collection, a large collection of glass plates created by professional photographer and film maker Frank Hurley during two expeditions to Papua New Guinea and Torres Strait from 1921 to 1923. Famous for his Antarctic photography, Hurley here documents people, houses, artefacts, mountain scenes and mission stations in Milne Bay, Oro, Central, Gulf and Western Provinces of Papua New Guinea and across the Torres Strait.

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