Image: Man wearing ornaments, Samoa.

Man wearing ornaments, Samoa.

Studio portrait of a young Samoan man wearing body ornaments, including a high status ulafala (pandanus seed necklace) and a boar's tusk pendant. He holds a carved club (fa'alaufa'i). AMS318/V6803. This image is very similar to the romanticised studio portraits by Thomas Andrew in Apia, Samoa from 1891 to 1910, and may have been created by him.  

George Brown
© Courtesy of the Australian Museum


This image is from a large collection of photographs taken by Reverend George Brown during his work with the Methodist Mission in the Pacific Islands, from 1876 to 1908. However, it is similar to those taken by the studio photographer Thomas Andrew who was based in Apia, Samoa from 1891 to 1910.


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