Image: Malagan Mask, Papua New Guinea E562

Malagan Mask, Papua New Guinea E562

Local name: Ngass

Provenance: Tabar Group, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, Pacific

This Malagan mask represents the wild bush spirits that live in the jungle. It could be worn by men to remove taboos. The mask was purchased by the Museum from Captain Farrell in 1887.

Description: Elaborately carved wooden Malagan mask coloured red, black and white; two upward extending ear planks each with a stylised bird figure; one downward curving beak; a central crest of light brown natural fibre; brown natural fibre fringe at base of mask; white barkcloth attached to one side of back of mask; turbo shell operculum eyes surrounded by red, black and white concentric lines.

Height: 60cm; Length: 48cm; Width: 44cm

Emma Furno
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