Image: Lord Howe Butterflyfish at Tathra Wharf

Lord Howe Butterflyfish at Tathra Wharf

A Lord Howe Butterflyfish at a depth of 6 m, Tathra Wharf, New South Wales, 10 December 2009.

Sascha Schulz
© Sascha Schulz

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Mark McGrouther - 8.02 AM, 22 February 2010

Hi Sascha.  That's really interesting additional information.  Thank you for adding it.  Mark.

Sascha Schulz - 9.02 AM, 19 February 2010

In reference to my image above:

The fish pictured was one of a pair. The two stuck close together while feeding on what appeared to be bryazoans encrusting the pylons of the wharf. They also picked at the surface of Ecklonia kelp, which again, appeared to be feeding behaviour.

If the pair was seperated during their movements by more than a metre or so, one of them would quickly dash back to find its partner.

Judging by their size, they were juveniles.




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