Image: Lithosiinae Castulo doubledayi female

Lithosiinae Castulo doubledayi female

Lichen moth Castulo doubledayi

D. Britton
© Australian Museum
TAS: Arve Riv. 23 Feb 1963 I.F.B. Common & M.S. Upton


The majority of images of Lithosiinae presented on these pages were taken from specimens housed in the Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC) (CSIRO, Canberra). I would like to thank the staff and researchers at ANIC for their generous assistance in providing me access to this collection, and I acknowledge the depth of effort and the investment of staff time that has gone into building and curating this splendid resource. In particular, I would like to thank Ted Edwards and Marianne Horak for their assistance.

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