Image: Lime container, West Papua/Irian Jaya E29463

Lime container, West Papua/Irian Jaya E29463

Provenance: Lake Sentani, West Papua/Irian Jaya, Indonesia, Melanesia, Pacific

This lime container and spatula are probably from Lake Sentani on the northwest coast of New Guinea. Lime containers were among the possessions of both men and woman. One of the most prominent motifs is the spiral technique, which has two versions, single and double. These objects were obtained by the Museum through an exchange with the Kolonial Instittuut Amsterdam in 1925.

Description: brown, pear-shaped gourd and a thin, 20.5cm long wooden spatula inserted in hole at top; hollow gourd decorated with three concentric circles forming part of an elongated curvilinear pokerwork design at upper half of gourd; lime residue on spatula.

Length: 25.5cm

Emma Furno
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