Image: Life cycle sketch of Botys

Life cycle sketch of Botys

Composite sketch by Frances Stirling of the life cycle of Botys (current name Epipaschia pyrastis Meyrick), number 67 in the Scott family's second notebook (p.11), entry dated March to November 1841. AMS563/83.

This sketch would have been a reference for the finished painting made much later by Frances' stepsister Harriet Scott for possible inclusion in her father's Lepidoptera publication (this species is one of four illustrated in Plate 56, AMS193/43).

Frances recorded her observations on the reverse and then entered more descriptive details into her notebook. Some excerpts follow:

"67. Fed on Tea Tree. Painted 29 March1841. Turned to chrysalis 6 Oct 1841, chrysalis painted 8 Oct. Took wing 6 November 1841 Painted underneath of female 9 Nov."


Frances Stirling
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An example from the collection of butterfly and moth sketches made by AW Scott and his daughters over a period of nearly 30 years, beginning in the late 1830's, when AW Scott and his stepdaughters Frances and Mary began recording their observations of moths and butterflies.

With the family's move to Ash Island, the project continued and eventually Scott's younger daughters Helena and Harriet joined in. Many of the sketches were used as a starting point for the beautiful plates created by Helena and Harriet for their father's published work on Lepidoptera.

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