Image: Larval Flounder from above

Larval Flounder from above

A larval flounder found washed up on Tathra Beach, New South Wales, 28 February 2014. The long 'filament' originating above the eye is an elongate dorsal fin ray.

Sue Cotterill
© Sue Cotterill


The fish is most likely a species of Laeops. This conclusion was based on the dorsal ray count, the elongated dorsal ray and the fact that it is 9 cm in length and still has larval characteristics.

Two species in the genus are currently known from Australian waters; the Smallhead Flounder, Laeops parviceps and Kitahara's Flounder, L. kitaharae. The fish has been sent on loan to an expert for his examination.

Thank you to Sue and Don Cotterill for donating the fish to the Australian Museum. It is now registered in the ichthyology collection (AMS I.46386-001).


Fukui, A. 1997. Early Ontogeny and Systematics of Bothidae, Pleuronectoidei. Bulletin of Marine Science. 60(1): 192-212.

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