Image: Large moray eel leptocephalus

Large moray eel leptocephalus

An actively swimming large moray eel leptocephalus at a depth of less than 23 m, Bali, 18 April 2010.  The fish was one of four documented in Miller et al (2013) and was estimated to be between 300 mm and 400 mm long.

Henny Rutgers
© Henny Rutgers


The jaws lack teeth indicating that the fish is at the metamorphosing stage. Miller, et al (2013) state "Because of the morphological similarities between these larvae and ribbon eels, Rhinomuraena quaesita, they are hypothesized to be their larvae, which have never been distinguished among leptocephali of the Muraenidae."


Miller, M.J. et al, 2013. Observations of large muraenid leptocephali in coastal Indonesia: locations of sightings and behaviour of the larvae. Marine Biodiversity Records. doi:10.1017/S1755267213000079; Vol. 6.

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