Image: King Fong at his father's grave

King Fong at his father's grave

King Fong at his father's grave in Rookwood cemetery.

Jeannine Baker
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hecmacd - 1.01 PM, 10 January 2010
I have always had an exceptional fondness for our immigrant brothers and my best friend Gordon Liu speaks about his grandparents vegetable garden at Texas in Queensland and, in his stories, he has given me a love of gardening, of family and of mankind. My early years, 4-10yrs, were spent with Nunngaa kids in Cowell S.A. and they taught me the importance of family history passed on by spoken word. Having seen and heard King on Australian story I simply wish to tell him that I will always be his brother and friend if that is acceptable to him and his family. King appears to be an incurable romantic and his poem for his fiance (later his wife) made Andy Warhol's art seem pedestrian. King, you are an exceptional human being and a heart-felt romantic. hecmacd.

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