Image: Kevan Henry Hardacre

Kevan Henry Hardacre

Kevan Hardacre measuring a Clown Triggerfish, April 2004.

Mark McGrouther
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Kevan Hardacre calls himself an environmental artist. He spent many years in the graphic arts industry as a consultant and designer and a few years teaching at New South Wales TAFE. He now concentrates on fine art with the message 'share and care'.

Kevan is producing replicas of many endangered fish species as bas-relief, scale plaques and as half-scale specimens in the round. These will all be in authentic colours.

Kevan stated that: "The personnel and the facility at the Australian Museum have helped me greatly. I seek truth (authenticity) so that the public will better appreciate the wildlife around us".

Kevan worked in the Fish Section during April 2004.

Kevan's contact details: Phone and fax (+612) 99535161.

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