Image: Jimmy Smith (Corroboree Sydney 2014)

Jimmy Smith (Corroboree Sydney 2014)

Jimmy Smith, Indigenous Australian educator.

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Jimmy Smith is an Aboriginal educator and cultural practitioner. Jimmy comes from Erambie mission outside the town of Cowra, New South Wales. He holds a Bachelor of Adult Education and a Masters in Education (Aboriginal Studies) and has extensive experience in teaching Aboriginal art, culture and heritage in Australia and abroad.

In his role as a cultural practitioner, Jimmy scope and breadth ranges from early childhood, primary, high school to university, TAFE and community groups. He currently works with the Australian Museum, EORA TAFE Redfern, and other agencies that employ him as a cultural educator.

Jimmy believes that through education about Aboriginal history, culture and knowledge, we can bring about social change: "People don’t fully understand the depth and breadth of Aboriginal culture or Australian history and therefore make assumptions and believe the negative stereotypes that exist in Australia. Education is the key to changing this problem." 

Jimmy has particular passion in Aboriginal science and technology including Astronomy and traditional land usage. Further to this he is keen to share the strength of epistemologies and Aboriginal ways of knowing and doing.

Jimmy is passionate about health particularly inspiration from Eastern (Asian) cultures that look at health and well being from a holistic perspective which is related to many Indigenous knowledge’s about traditional health.

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