Image: Isopod fish parasite from Lizard Island

Isopod fish parasite from Lizard Island

A scanning electron microscope image of the juvenile of Gnathia aureamaculosa, which is the stage that attacks fish to feed on their blood - rather like mosquitos. The adults live in the coral reefs around Lizard Island, and look substantially different from these fast-swimming juveniles. The scale bar represents one tenth of a millimetre.

Sue Lindsay/Buz Wilson
© Australian Museum
Buz Wilson
© Australian Museum


The description of these juveniles appeared in:

Wilson G. D. F., Sims C., Grutter A. S., 2011.Toward a taxonomy of the Gnathiidae (Isopoda) using juveniles: the external anatomy of Gnathia aureamaculosa zuphea stages using scanning electron microscopy. Journal of Crustacean Biology 31(3): 509-522, 2011.

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