Image: Indonesian textile E89691A

Indonesian textile E89691A

This ‘Batik Tulis' or hand-drawn Batik cloth was designed and made in 1966 in the Liem Siok Hien atelier from Pekalongan, Central Java. The textile is known as 'terang bulan,' where the pattern is applied only at the edges. The cloth features two common motifs, temples and 'sawat,' or a pair of Garuda wings, which in Hindu-Javanese tradition represents the crown of the highest power (Vishnu). Size: 234 x 103cm.

Luisa Garfoot
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Stan Florek - 9.02 AM, 14 February 2012

Dear Ikaratna, thank you for your comment and for giving us the name of your mother who made this beautiful and elegant batik. Perhaps you will be able to identify batiks from our collection, photos of which will be accessible on our website in the near future.

Kind regards

Ikaratna4809 - 2.01 AM, 31 January 2012
This is made by my parents. Liem Siok Hien is my father, who then changed into Hendromartono and the artists is my mom Oey Djien Nio became Jane Hendromartono.It's an honor for me to see this again.There are so many variety of my parents batik,some are influenced by chinese culture, some are like this Hindu-javanese.

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