Image: Indonesian Textile E89690B

Indonesian Textile E89690B

Detail of ‘Batik Tulis' or hand-drawn Batik cloth was designed by the Danar Hadi batik house of central Java. The pattern is a 'Jelamprang', using a star motif, inspired by the Indian Patola designs. This pattern category is known as ‘ceplok' or geometric designs, reflecting the ideas of Islamic Indonesia, which forbade the representation of humans, flora or fauna. Size: 236 x 103cm.


Patola refers here to Indian-derived motifs and the method of weaving (originally in silk), where the colouring is applied to the ‘warp’ (the set of threads running lengthwise in the loom) and the ‘weft’ (the set of threads that are woven across the loom).

Luisa Garfoot
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