Image: Indonesian Textile E89687A

Indonesian Textile E89687A

This batik tulis or hand-drawn batik sarong was made by the atelier of the deceased designer Oey Tiang Lok who typically designed intricate pieces which he then sold to the palace in Jakarta and other influential people. Made in approximately 1969, this batik features a Chinese-inspired lokcan or bird and foliage design, although in non-traditional colours. Size: 216 x 102cm.


Sarong is a word adopted from Malay and it describes a large tube or sheet of fabric worn wrapped around the waist as an equivalent of a skirt, commonly used in South East Asia.

Batik is of Javanese and Indonesian origin and describes the coloured fabric and process of producing patterns by using fabric dyes and wax in the creation of the design. Multi-coloured batik allows for the production of complex patterns, akin to paintings.

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