Image: Indonesian Textile E74756A

Indonesian Textile E74756A

This batik cloth was made in approximately 1972 and features a traditional Javanese sido mukti design from the Solo region in central Java. The sido mukti is an old Javanese design worn by a bride and groom on their wedding day. In the Javanese language ‘sido’ means continuously and ‘mukti’ means prosper and full of happiness. It is believed that by wearing this design the couple will enjoy a happy and prosperous life. The design of this textile is completed but the gold overlay is unfinished.

Batik – the word is of Javanese and Indonesian origin and describes the coloured fabric and process of producing patterns by using fabric dyes and wax in the creation of the design. Multi-coloured batik allows for the production of complex patterns, akin to paintings.

Luisa Garfoot
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