Image: Indonesian Textile E66721A

Indonesian Textile E66721A

This Kre Alang or skirt cloth for men, was made by the Semawa people of West Sumbawa in the 1970s. It is made of silk and cotton with additional suppplementary weft or floating weft where silver thread is woven into the fabric. Typically for this region, the bright colours are combined with traditional ancient iconography of figurative motifs such as humans, ships, birds, crabs and triangular trees. The male figures are depicted wearing a distinctive head ornament resembling the simple leaf head-dress still worn today in some parts of Sumbawa. Cloth like this is associated with the nobility of the region and often intended for ceremonial occasions. Size: 165 x 118 cm.

Explanation: weft is the set of threads that are woven, across the loom, into the set of threads running lengthwise in the loom.

Carl Bento
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