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Ian Shaw

Ian Shaw with his underwater camera.

Kate Shaw
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I started diving in 1984 and bought my first Nikonos prior to going on holiday to Lord Howe in 1986. I have been hooked on UW photography ever since and never dive without my camera. I am a long standing member of the Solitary Islands Underwater Research Group Inc. (SURG) based in Coffs Harbour and have taken part in numerous projects funded by Coastcare and Environment Australia.

My main interest is the fishes of the Solitary Islands Marine Park and I am helping to compile a photographic inventory of them as well as other animals in the park. The SURG website now boasts over 450 species of fish, crustaceans,molluscs and echinoderms ( and we continue to update as further species are documented.

In recent years I have been active with Reef Life Surveys, an organisation involved in surveying fish and invertebrate life around Australia and in nearby overseas areas. This has led to some interesting field trips to Banda Aceh, Bali and Lord Howe Island, as well as in local waters.

Over the years the Nikonos has been superseded with housed film cameras and I now use an Ikelite housing and twin strobes with a Nikon D70 digital camera. I am lucky to live on the north coast of NSW where there is incredible diversity off our coastline and while diving in our area is extremely weather dependent I still try to get out as often as work and other commitments permit.

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