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Ian Banks

Ian Banks with his photographic equipment.

R. Shakespeare
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Diving started for me at an inland secondary school back in 1971, all made possible through our enthusiastic biology teacher Ted Bramblby who is still teaching, running an Adventure Education Centre at Hastings Point NSW.

By 1972 I had my first Camera, a second-hand Nikonos II, and was on the way to becoming a marine biologist. As fortune had it I changed to the oil field and in that 25 year period stopped diving for 12 years during which time I was either in the desert or somewhere cold.

While stationed in Indonesia in 1991 I returned to diving and have progressed along dabbling in many facets, instructing diving and first aid, commercial diving, technical diving, and my main passion, underwater videography and photography.

What is consuming most of my time now is raising awareness and hopefully changing public complacency regarding the possible destruction of the most biodiverse dive location in any Australian city – the Gold Coast Seaway. You can view what is at risk by visiting

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