Image: Helena Forde, nee Scott

Helena Forde, nee Scott

Helena Forde, nee Scott

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Helena (1832-1910) and her sister Harriet (1830-1907) were born in the Rocks area of Sydney to Harriet Calcott, daughter of an ex-convict, and Alexander Walter Scott, a wealthy man who would become known in the colony as an entomologist, grazier and entrepreneur.

Helena and Harriet (known as the Scott sisters) were two of 19th century Australia’s most prominent natural history illustrators and possibly the first professional female illustrators in the country. They were also accomplished amateur naturalists and collectors, at a time when women were unable to pursue careers in these fields.

This photo was taken about the time of Helena's marriage to Edward Forde in 1864. Edward died from fever two years later in 1866.

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