Image: Headspot Moray in aquarium

Headspot Moray in aquarium

A Headspot Moray trawled at a depth of 80 m, off Yamba, northern New South Wales (roughly half way between Angourie and Brooms Head).

Des Anderson
© Des Anderson


When caught, the 15 cm long eel was in a worm hole in a log. Since capture in December 2012, it has been in an aquarium and is now about 21 cm long. It has been fed every two or three days on minced fish, prawn or squid. Des stated that "It is nocturnal but emerges if there is activity in the tank, (other critters feeding)."

Thank you to John Pogonoski for identfying the fish.  It is a very rare species, the holotype of which is stored in the Australian Museum fish collection (AMS I.37982-001).

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