Image: Hare Kangaroo - Lagorchestes leporoides

Hare Kangaroo - Lagorchestes leporoides

Gould's names: Lagorchestes leporoides, Hare Kangaroo
Current names: Lagorchestes asomatus, Central Hare-wallaby

Australian Museum Photography
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H.C. Richter for John Gould
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Extinct - last sighting 1940s, possible sighting in 1960.

'I have but little doubt that this animal enjoys a niche range over the interior of New South Wales; it certainly inhabits the Liverpool Plains as well as those in the neighbourhood of the Namoi and the Gwydyr, from all of which localities I have received numerous examples; it is equally certain that it is found on the grassy plains of South Australia, for I have not only found it there myself, but specimens have since been sent to me from thence by the late Mr Strange. Now as the character of all these districts is very similar, it is probable that the Hare Kangaroo is equally abundant in the intermediate countries as it is in those above mentioned'

John Gould, The Mammals of Australia, 1845-1863.

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