Image: Hanoman and Bima: Balinese painting E74206D

Hanoman and Bima: Balinese painting E74206D

This painting was painted by Kamasan artist Pan Remi in about 1910 and Collected by Anthony Forge in 1972-73. Forge believed that this ider-ider was a good example of narrative dedicated to individual heroes from the major Hindu epics Mahabharata and Ramayana. The two main figures, whose story was elaborated in a painted narrative, are easily identified as Hanoman - the monkey general from the Ramayana and Bima- the unrefined Pandawa brother from the Mahabharata. Both are the sons of the god Beiyu. Forge noted that the story depicted in this painting was unknown to contemporary Kamasan artists, but they could still easily describe the story line. Size: 30 x 524cm.

Emma Furno
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