Image: Gurnard Perch nasal spines

Gurnard Perch nasal spines

Line drawing showing lateral views of the left nasal spines of A) Southern Gurnard Perch (CSIRO A 4252 – holotype) and B) Whitley’s Gurnard Perch, Maxillicosta whitleyi, NMV A 16546. AM = anterior margin.

Hiroyuki Motomura
© Hiroyuki Motomura


Illustration from Motomura, H., Last, P.R. & M.F. Gomon. 2006. A New species of the Scorpionfish Genus Maxillicosta from the Southeast Coast of Australia, with a Redescription of M. whitleyi (Scorpaeniformes: Neosebastidae). Copeia 3: 445-459.

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