Image: Glasshead Barreleye from below

Glasshead Barreleye from below

The ventral side of the head of a Glasshead Barreleye trawled from a depth of around 1000 m on the abyssal plain in the southern Tasman Sea, between Tasmania and New Zealand. The snout is towards the bottom of the image.  The coloured structures are the mirror-organs through which light from the side and below is detected.  The two opercular flaps are visible at the top of the image.

Adrian Flynn
© Adrian Flynn


The barreleyes are an unusual family of deepsea fishes, most of which have upwardly-directed eyes. The eyes detect the silhouettes of prey swimming above.

In Australia, the Glasshead Barreleye has been collected from bathypelagic and mesopelagic depths off New South Wales.

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