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Gilbert Percy Whitley

Gilbert Whitley examining a fish in 1941.

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Gilbert Whitley (1903-1975) was the Australian Museum's curator of fishes for 42 years (1922 -1964).

He published 550 papers, with over 300 on fishes and many others of an historical nature.  

Whitley was a prodigious describer of new species, describing over 320 new species.

He traveled extensively, making over 80 trips within Australia and internationally.

Whitley identified, tagged and registered over 37,000 specimens in the Australian Museum Ichthyology Collection.

He is remembered as a man of great wit and charm. Many wonderful quotes are attributable to Whitley. Concering the gudgeons, he said "“In retrospection, I conclude that my apathy towards gudgeons must be due to my ignorance concerning them. Fishes which lie dormant for months in mud and clay yet which may be transported through the clouds surely cannot be dull save to the dull themselves.”

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